Welcome to Brahman mahasangh

                      "Dharmo Rakshati Rakshataha"

    “The person who protects religion, religion protects him”


     Path of Truth, Love and justice is the path of religion.  Following religion leads to understanding immortal truth of life.

     Religion takes mind towards human being.
     A gentleman citizen doing good work follows path of religion and leads country towards powerful and united country. Unity and integration of nation only leads to society’s progress.

    In existing scenario the whole nation is expecting that Brahman should take initiative for unity and integration of nation.
     With this noble cause of uniting all Brahman Society ‘Akhil Bhartiya Brahman Mahasangh’ has been founded. The Brahmans located across the globe owns the responsibility of globalizing and maintaining Indian Cultures and tradition.

    We need to unite and plan systematically towards building modern Brahman Society by the formula of bramhachintan and brahmakarma.

    We need to create our important position in areas Society, Politics, religion, economics etc. In order to achieve this we expect that every member of Brahaman society from all regions, states and countries should contribute.

    Under a single banner we want to unite and are planning many activities to achieve the same.

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