Spiritual Activity :


    In our religion the role of Brahman, priest class is to donate knowledge. To peform  homage ritualism, temple puja - ordinance, and to give knowledge of various culture chants, stories.

    In new generation the social contemplation and working manner is greatly changed so the brahman class thinker, culture priest and others should adopt the changes going on.

    Religious places, Ashram, Gurukul, Temples are the pillars of Indian culture so protection,  care of this is to be taken by Brahman society.

    In above important topics the support, care and guidance of ndrarequired. Thus we have to bring above all activities in action  at spiritual  level.


    Social Activity :


     In society every person's life should improve and remain happy and contented. He should become well cultured great citizen. He should be trained for best thinking and better business culture.

    To bring up the poor living people in Brahman class some important activity is to be started.

    In various local religious procedures, marriage rituals, celebrations, festivals there is heavy load for single person so we have to encourage collective marriages, festivals and programmes. In our society powerful young businessmen from various fields should be acclaimed and encouraged so that society's many brothers and sisters will take inspiration and go forward in their life.

    In society the spread of organisation groups and availability information must reach all  people by composing newsletters, magazines etc.


    Educational Activity :


     Scientifically equipped and convinient computerised  "Education centre" modern  gurukul  "Nalanda Takshashila" is to be started where Indian culture and best  teachings can be offered even to the poor class brothers and sisters of our society. Old and new combination of teachings where good quality future generation can be formed who will help in building strong nation.


    Financial Activity :


    To make our organisation strong financial aid is compulsory. All Brahmans in our country and those foreign settled are invited and advised to join the group. The rich class must come forward and give jobs to the jobless Brahmans according to their position.


    State Activity :


    In state and Government field our society people count is negligible so the care, potection and existence of Brahman society is compulsarily required. By this view the proper person from our class brought forward and encouraged to lead role in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Vidhan Sabha and other government organisations and for this planned meeting, discussion, forums are necessary.

    Our society brothers and sisters should come forward and collectively lead and protect the purpose of organisation.



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