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About Us

National President
Dr. Govind Kulkarni

Dr. Kulkarni Extensive experience of working in social sector for last 40 years. Based on his long experience of working with various social organizations, he has a strong will to work for the national interest by uniting Brahmins across the country. He has been awarded doctorate and honored by the Word Book of Records London for the intervention of constructive work of Brahmin Mahasangh for his social research experience. Honored by various awards and commendations from various organizations and institutions across the country. Many practitioners, thinkers and skilled organizers of diverse subjects are working in this organization under the leadership of Dr. Govind Kulkarni.

Kulguru and Chairman, Advisory Committee
Pt. Vasantrao Gadgil

Shringeri Sharda Peeth Jagadguru Shri Shankaracharya Maharajshri's Pratham-Maharashtra Representative, Gurukulacharya of Bharat Vishva Gyan Peetham, Founder of Sharda Gyan Peetham and editor of the first internet Sanskrit magazine ‘Sharda’, Pt. Vasantraoji Gadgil is guiding ABBM. As the Kulaguru of ABBM, he is fully dedicated to service. The Brahmin society can flourish in religion, knowledge, art and culture under his able guidance.

“Dharmo Rakshati Rakshatah”

Dharma protects the one who protects Dharma. The path of truth, love, and justice is the path of religion. The ultimate truth can be realized only in the light of religion. By following the path of religion and doing good deeds, the cultured citizen makes the society and the nation strong and organized. The progress, awakening, revolution, peace of the society lies in the unity, integrity and harmony of the nation. At present, the whole society is looking towards Brahmins with this expectation. Inspired by this auspicious feeling and auspicious work, ABBM has been established to unite the entire Brahmin society. Brahmins settled within the country and abroad have the responsibility of making the dignity and sacred tradition of their Indian culture global and keeping it intact.

By uniting them in a well-planned manner and tying them into one Brahmasutra, we have to create an innovative structure of a new Brahmin society for the awakening of the nation through Brahma-thinking and Brahma-karma. We have to establish our importance in all political, spiritual, social, political and economic fields. For this, contribution of all the members of Brahmin community of every region, state and nation is expected at every level. We have to stand under one flag, group, organization and fulfill the saying 'Vayam Rashtra Jagriyam Purohitaah'. Various plans are being made by our organization in this direction.

The role of Brahmins, sages and priests in our society is to provide education, to perform yagya rituals, worship at temples, abhishek, various rites, and doing sankirtan etc. There has been a huge change in the social thinking and action system in the new the new era. So accordingly, thinkers, ritual priests, ritualists, priests, storytellers, etc. of the Brahmin caste will also have to adopt practices as per the times.

Tirtha, Ashram, Aranyaka, Gurukul, Devalaya are the pillars of Indian culture. The responsibility of their protection and nourishment also lies with the Brahmin community. From this point of view, there are many Veda Pathshalas, Gurukul- Sanskarshalas and temples, ashrams, pilgrimages, monasteries in every corner of the country guiding through Katha- Teaching-Training. On all such important issues, there will be immense need for the good advice, cooperation, protection and guidance of our most revered Shankaracharya Saint, Mahant, Mathadhish, religious gurus and yoga gurus. To put them into action, special efforts will have to be made in the spiritual field.

Aspecial initiative has to be started to raise the social status of the people belonging to the Brahmin community. Of every person in the society, standard of living should be improved. May they be blessed with happiness. Their level of lifestyle and mentality should rise. Every member of Brahmin Community should become a civilized, cultured and good citizen.
The expenditure in various religious functions viz., Upanayana, marriage, festivals etc. is very high. A common man cannot bear this burden. Therefore, the progressive traditions of mass upanayana, mass marriage, festivals, rituals etc. have to be especially encouraged in our society. ABBM encourage and honor exceptionally talented young people who have done remarkable work in various fields of our society so that many brothers and sisters of the society can take inspiration from them and move forward on the path of good life. Monthly magazines, souvenirs and literature are created to expand the network of the organisation and to spread information about ABBM's achievements to the public.


In the ancient culture in India, best Gurukuls were prevalent in India. At that time, human culture had not even developed in the western countries. It is essential to create a good education system by combining the ancient Indian education system and the new education system. The multi-skilled ancient Gurukul system has to be revived. In this direction, ABBM will continue to make efforts to create high quality teachers, professors, doctors, administrators, lecturers, scientists, engineers and experts in 64 other arts through creating an excellent educational system. ABBM will provide higher technical education with nominal fee, preparatory training for the competitive examination jointly with Youth Cell, Bureaucrat Cell of ABBM and Connect India IAS Academy. Guidance will be given through guides or retired administrative officers. Mr. Harshad Bele, a former IPS officer is leading this initiative.

Financial strengthening is extremely essential in building strong foundation of ABBM. In these lines, a heartfelt invitation is being given to all the Brahmins of the country and abroad for becoming member of ABBM. Many generous people and entrepreneurs should come forward to make the organization strong and capable. An appeal is being made to be an ally, member and provide employment, security, support, encouragement to poor Brahmin. The organization also has to create a permanent financial fund for this purpose. ABBM has planned to connect with banks, cooperative institutions, social institutions etc. so that there will not be any financial hindrance or hindrance in the development and progress of the entire


To facilitate a mechanism to bring back the Brahmin community members to main political stream who are being thrown out of the political sphere at a very fast pace. As the policy decisions are being taken in the core power centres like Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha hence to take some measures for the Brahmins to devote themselves in various political streams and create an existence of Brahmins in the political sphere again. If there are no community members in politics, many policy decisions can be taken against the welfare of Brahmin society. Therefore, some members of the society need to keep themselves in the political stream. Establishing the necessary organizational structure for the same is one agenda of ABBM. To train such potential candidates systematically as well as to create a study group under political experts for proper political guidance.

Brahmin community.

Entrepreneurship Development Initiatives for Brahmin Youth...

Creating entrepreneurial culture and facilitating entrepreneurship are the key elements of empowered society. On the background of limited educational and employment opportunities due to reservation, Brahmin Youths are deprived of growth. But, ifthe youth opt for a business as a career, he/she will become a ‘Job Giver' than a ‘job seeker'. Hence we aim at developing One Lakh entrepreneurs across the country within next 10 years. For this purpose ABBM has started 'Aatm Nirbhar Brahmin Project' for the potential entrepreneurs.

Some of the business activities under consideration are
1) Food and Agro Processing
2) Beauty and Wellness
3) Transportation
4) Garment making
5) Toy Making
6) Fragrance based products
7) Pooja Sahitya etc.

ABBM has launched social-entrepreneurship projects on 'Fragrance based Products and Pooja Sahitya project’ under the brand 'Brahmagandh' in Palghar district, ‘Spices and Flour Making project' under the brand of ‘Brahmann!' in Aurangabad District and Garment Making Project under the brand 'Carpas Vastram' in Pune District of Maharashtra under 'Aatm Nirbhar Brahmin Project’. Mr. Satyajit Kulkarni who is a nationally acclaimed personality in Entrepreneurship Development Sector is heading this project.

ABBM organization is working through 4 levels as follows,

1) Central level:
The main objective of ABBM is to create well planned organization in all states which will unite the Brahmins settled in the entire country and abroad. For this purpose ABBM has to train, supervise, and guide the members of the organization. A systematic expansion of the organizational network at the state level is the responsibility of Central Team. ABBM is working for security, development and guidance for Gurukul, Veda Pathshala, Ashram, Math, and Temples. ABBM is putting efforts to preserve various cultural, spiritual and ancient noble practices through structured work. ABBM has a plan to establish unit offices in 4 Dhams of the country, 4 Dhams of 4 Dhams of Uttarakhand, Dwadash Jyotirling, 52 Shaktipeeths. For this purpose ABBM has planned to appointment full time social workers at every level. A system is being created at the central level.

2) State level:
This level of organization is operated under the protection, guidance and leadership of the central level of the organization. A group committee of especially active workers is formed at the state level. They make the organization financially capable and strong.

3) District level:
Separate organized units of the respective districts under the state is established at this level. District level team of the organization is developed through active members of the concerned blocks and cities of the district. The nominated members of the taluka and cities are taken on the district level committee. District committee forms taluka level
committees in respective talukas of the district.

4) Taluka level:
All the Brahmin families of panchayat, ward, town, street, locality, village can join the Taluka level committee and become members. All the Brahmins of that area became a generous system of protection, nourishment, support and encouragement for their community brothers and sisters. The organization should work to create an environment of unity, cohesion, mutual cooperation and harmony among all the Brahmin brothers and sisters living in rural and urban areas in Taluka. It is the responsibility of the Taluka Committee to bring forward the youth and women of the society. A systematically organized network of members has is created at Delhi (Centre), State, District, Taluka level. Every initiative ensures systematic form of communication, coordination and networking at the central, state, district and taluka level.

To make the Brahmin Community capable, strong and organized in every way, there is a need for Brahmin brothers and sisters who are dedicated to service, may it be full-time, short-term and part-time. Interested service-minded brothers / sisters can contact and correspond with the concerned taluka / district / state /central team. They can get the desired guidance and actively move forward in strengthening the banyan tree of Brahmin society. They can increase the pride of the Brahmin clan and make life meaningful.

There are three types of membership available in the membership viz. 1) Nominal Members 2) General Members 3) Life Members

1) Nominal Members: ABBM is tying together all the social bonds across the country. In order to make the nation prosperous by forming a powerful organization, every Brahmin person should pay Rs. 10./- (ten rupees) and become a nominal member for three years.

2) General Member: Any Brahmin person can become a general member for three years by paying Rs. 360/- (Rs. 10/- per month). This membership is mandatory for taking any post in the organization. An identity card is given to general members.

3) Life Member: Any Brahmin person can become a life member by paying Rs.2500/-. Persons who accept life membership (as recognized by the Board of Control of the Institution) can participate in any level of the organization. Life member is given an Identity Card and Membership Certificate.

Social initiatives of ABBM

Akhil Bharatiya Brahman Mahasangh is a national level organization having a mission to recuperate the esteem of Brahmins through connecting distinguished personalities of the society & to strengthen last element of social pyramid, through constructive work. Established in 2007, ABBM has been working through its 35 cells and touched almost every facet of society. The noble

work of ABBMS has been well appreciated by the society. Besides women and youth, eminent personalities of the community like Industrialist, Social Leaders, Bureaucrat, etc. are the members of ABBM. Our work is percolating in the community swiftly and creating good impact by complementing the agenda of Government. ABBM has established 'BRAHMODYOG', a National Platform with an objective to bring all Brahmin industrialists and social leaders on one platform. Brahmodyog is a unique platform of visionary Brahmins who are committed to shape the community future. Brahmodyog National conferences were successfully organised at Aurangabad (2016), Pune (2018) and Delhi (2023).

We are working in following five areas in a view to uplift the last element of our society.

Entrepreneurship Development: - Aatm-Nirbhar Brahman Project

Setting up Vocational Training Centers

UPSC Exam Preparatory Training

Constructing Brahman Bhavan in selected metropolitan Cities

Setting up Ved Pathshala and Goshala

Scholarship to Brahmin students for Education

1. Aatm-Nirbhar Brahman Project
ABBM has undertaken the ‘Aatm-Nirbhar Brahmin Project’ to develop / support at least 3000 entrepreneurs in next three years. Under this project necessary support will be given to the aspiring Brahmin youths to start a business through necessary training, mentoring support and linkages. Selected Entrepreneurs will be given Rs. 50,000/- to start new business. In case of the project cost is above Rs. 50000/-, ABBM will help the entrepreneur to get loan from bank. The entrepreneur will have to invest only up to 10 % of the project. This project will facilitate entrepreneurial culture in the Brahmin community and develop more entrepreneurs and confidence to do sustainable business.

2. Setting up Vocational Training Center
ABBM will help the budding entrepreneurs by giving vocational and skill training. For this purpose, Vocational Training Centers will be developed in various cities. The skilling laboratories will be developed based on local demand. These centers will act as vocational hubs for the local entrepreneurs. Expert faculties in selected trades will guide the trainees. The trades will be like Fashion Designing, Food Processing, Beauty and Health, Mobile repairing and so on. The trainees will have an access to the library, knowledge source and business related information. We propose to train around 500 trainees per year per center.

3. UPSC Exam Preparatory Training:
The role of bureaucrats in social development and policy making can't be denied. Hence ABBM will offer free UPSC Exam Preparatory Training to the aspirant Brahmin candidates. Besides free training, these candidates will be provided accommodation and food free of cost. Renowned Brahmin bureaucrats, IAS / IPS Officers will be invited as a speakers for guidance to these candidates. The candidates who will get selected as IAS / IPS will have sense of gratitude towards the Brahmin Community for such help and they will likely support the Brahmin Community in future. We propose to offer UPSC training to 500 aspirant candidates in next five years.

4. Hostels for Brahmin students
An economical accommodation in big cities for the students from rural area is a big problem. It deprives deserving students from access to quality education. Hence we are planning to setup hostels for Brahmin Students at very minimal charges. The buildings will be taken on rent for this purpose. Around 500 students will be accommodated in these hostels.

5. Setting up Ved Pathshala and Goshala
Many Brahmin Families wish their children to get Vedadhyayan. In a view to preserve our rich heritage, it is necessary to develop more and more learned Vedpathi. Hence we wish to setup Vedpathshala where Brahmin Children from the age of 8 years will be given Ved Shiksha. Learned Vedpathi Pandits will be entrusted the responsibility of teaching. Students will also learn "Yadnik' in detail, which is essential for Karmanushthana. Vedpathshala will have a facility to appear for Std. X to enable the aspirant students to pursue formal education. Free accommodation and food will be provided to the students. Goshala will be setup in the same premises to support the Vedpathshala.

6. Scholarship to Brahmin students for Education
Many Brahmin Families don't have a financial capability to provide quality education to their children. We propose to give scholarship to selected students for pursuing education. The objective of this initiative is that no deserving student should be deprived from the educational opportunity due to lack of funds.

For more Information, please contact

Dr. Govind Kulkarni,
President: 9623430166

Dr. Sham Raghunandan
G. Secretory, Delhi
Cell: 8884493273

Satyajit Kulkarni,
President, National Entrepreneurship Development
Cell: 7020928219

Kulguru Pt. Vasantrao Gadgil (Eminant Samskrut Scoler) Pune
Satyavati Kalraj Mishra Devariya U.Pradesh Dr. Aravind Sharma (MP) Rohatak Hariyana
Venugopalacharya (Cabinet Minister Rank) Hydrabad Telangana Raghavendra Auradkar (IPS ADGP Karnataka) Bangalore Karnataka
Devendra Sharma, Jummu Aravindrao (IPS Retd. DGP Andhra Pradesh) Hydrabad Simandhra
Ramkumar Shukla (State Minister Rank) Lucknow Chaitanya Sambhu Maharaj Anemadabad Gujarat
Vidya Murakumbi (CMD Renuka Sugars) Belagavi Subhesh Sharman Delhi
V.V., Aralumallige Parthasarathi, Bangalore Karnataka Padmshree Dr.Saumitra Rawat (MBBS, MS) Delhi
Devdatta Sharma (Retd. IAS) Delhi Avinash Subhedaar (Retd. |AS,) Mumbai Maharashtra
Praveen Dixit (Retd. DGP Maha) Pune Maharashtra R.V.Deshpande (Ex. Minister Kamataka) Haliyal Kamataka
Ghansham Dube (Ex MLC Maha), Mumbai Abhisek Mishra (Ex. Minister UP) Lucknow UP
Suresh Sharma (Ex. DGP) Punjab Anirudha Deshpande Pune Maharashtra
Adv. Santosh Shukla (Supr. Coart Lawyer) Indore M.Pradesh Bhaskar Rao IPS (Ex. ADGP) Bangalore Karnataka

Dr. Govind R. Kulkarni (Pune)

Vice Presidents
Subhas Tiwari Delhi Delhi C.Ramanacharya Hydrabad Telangana
Shobha Upadhyay Delhi Delhi Sham Joshi Kolhapur Maharashtra
Shaileshbhai Mehata ( MLA Baroda ) Baroda Gujarat Vinayak Pande Patna Bihar
Dr. Shrinath (Eminant Kannad Film Actor & Ex MLC) Banglore Karnataka Mukesh Chennai T.Nadu
Maheshprasad Rath Jagannatpuri Orissa Subramanya Sharma (Grandson of Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan)

General Secretory
§.Ravishankar Chennai T.Nadu Kishor Pathak Yavatmal Maharashtra
Narendra Dadhichi Luknow U.Pradesh Yogesh Dube Mumbai Mumbai
Rajendra Kulkarni Pune Maharashtra Laxmikant Dadhaphale Pune Maharashtra
Dr. Sham Raghunandan Delhi Ashutosh Gotey Nagpur Maharashtra

Ravikant Tiwari Secretory Pammal Shrinivas Chennai T.Nadu
Vijay Mishra Raibarely U.Pradesh Anup Chaube Bhopal M. Pradesh
Ashutosh Pandey Faridabad Hariyana Arun Shukla Kanpur U.Pradesh
Prabhanjan Kulkarni (C.A.) Mumbai Koshadhyaksha, Manoj Sharma (Pandit) (Delhi) Spoks Person.
Santosh Dube Delhi Spoks Person, Dr. Soniya Rawat (MBBS, MD) Delhi,
Harshad Bele (Ex.IPS) Nashik Maharashtra, Youth President
Shrikant Badve (MD Belrise Group of Industries) Pune Maharashtra, U.W.President
T.N. Tiwari ( ILS Legal Consultant Govt.India) Delhi Adv.W. President,
Dr. Chandrakant Pandav (MBBS,MD,FNAMS) { Padmshree Awardee) Delhi Dr.’s W. President
Supriya Badve (Director Belrise Group of Industries) Pune Maharashtra, Pr. Bramhkesari ,
Narendra Kulkarni Nagpur, Maharashtra IT.W.President, Trivikram Joshi Raichur Karnataka Brahmodyog

State President
G.R.Pradip Banglore Karnataka, Prem Sagar Chennai T.Nadu,
Santosh Kulkarni Hydrabad Telangana , Mohini Padki Solapur Maharashtra Presiden,
Nikhil Laturkar Nanded Maharashtra Ex.President, Rahul Shrivatsav Bhopal M.Pradesh
Adv. Nirupama Wajapeyee Bilasapur Chattisagadha, Dhariniben Shukla Ahamdabad Gujarat
Mahendrasing Rajpurohit Jodhpur Rajastan, Baba Joshi Palghar Mumbai
Sankarshan Mishra Rudrapur Uttarkhand, Gajanan Sharma (Retd. IES) Delhi
Indrakanthi Prasadsharma Kadapa Simandhra, Nilesh Bharadwaj Vaishali Bihar
Umakant Kar Bhadrak Orissat, Rajan Mishra Laknow Uttarpradesh
Harikrishna Palakkad Kerala , Prashant Kumar Sharma Gauhati Assam
Amit Chaterjee Nadia W.Bangal , Rakesh Sharma Jummu Jummu-Kasmir
Shrinivasan Pandicheri Pandicheri

About Us

National President Dr. Govind Kulkarni Extensive experience of working in social sector for last 40 years. Based on his long experience of working with various social organizations, he has a...
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